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Robotics & Automation

At TPC Packaging Solutions, we are committed to helping our customers find the right solution for their robotics and automation needs.  Whether it be dealing with a challenging labor market, increasing efficiency or workplace safety, our line of robotics and automation solutions fit a broad range of industries and applications.  From entry level end-of-line packaging automation to complete turn-key systems, our experienced team can provide optimized solutions for our customers.

Carton Erectors

Increase production efficiency and save time and money by choosing a case erector (also known as a carton or box erector). We offer a wide range of fully automatic case erectors preparing cases, boxes and cartons for use by erecting (assembling) and forwarding them on a conveyor ready for filling. Case erectors can reduce the number of operators and temporary labor needed. Case erectors are available in different versions, with varying capacity, different case formats and smaller footprint options, for either tape or hotmelt sealing of the case bottom.

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Cold Seal Packaging:

Improve packaging efficiency with our quick, self-adhering Cohesive Packaging Solutions. Simple pressure, whether by hand or with automated systems, is all that is required to create a quick wrap or encapsulation around virtually any product. Whether you are shipping E-commerce goods to consumers or packaging industrial parts for shipment or storage; cohesive packaging is a simple yet versatile solution. We provide the widest line of cohesive materials in the industry and can provide complete automated packaging systems to increase packaging productivity while reducing your total cost per package.

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Pick & Place Case Packing

These compact case packers are ideal for top loading products in multiple layers into corrugated cases and can accommodate a wide range of case sizes and pack patterns.  Compared to manual case packing, this packaging equipment will increase your throughput while lowering labor costs.

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Our fully automatic palletizing robots are an investment in your company, increasing productivity, improving competitiveness and enhancing the working environment. With the robots, your company saves time-consuming manual labor, making it possible for your employees to focus on real development initiatives creating growth and new workplaces in the company. The amortization time for the robots is approximately 18 months at only 8 hours of daily operation.

Palletizing is a time-consuming and repetitive process involving hard and physically demanding working functions for your employees. A palletizing robot spares your employees monotonous, physically demanding work so you avoid exposing them to unnecessary health risks that, in the worst case, could mean long sick leave from the company. At the same time, a palletizing robot can load the pallets with optimum filling degree, thus, improving the freight economy.

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Robotic Work Cells:

A robotic work cell is designed to improve quality, speed, and lower the cost of production. It includes a robot, controller, and other equipment to perform its intended applications. With a robotic work cell, you will have a streamlined process from start to finish. There are multiple work cell options available to fit any kind of need. These can be pre-engineered and ready for quick installation; or customized and designed to your specific requirements. To choose the best work cell for your process, we will need to know the type of application, size specifications, and the intended outcome of the system.

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Custom Case Sealers:

Sealing unique boxes can be challenging with standard equipment.  TPC is able to work with your unique box to find custom case sealing equipment to offer automation for an otherwise manual process.  Tall, short, narrow, large, H-Seals, L-Clips and C-Clips are just some of the unique boxes and sealing options we are able to provide solutions for.

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Tray Formers

TPC is a proud distributor of Wexxar Bel tray formers.  The Wexxar Bel IPAK Series of automatic tray formers are capable of forming a wide range of tray sizes, including regular slotted trays in various configurations.   Retail Ready, Agriculture, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals & more! Styles include: Open Style Trays, Trays with Lid, Display Trays, Self-Locking (No Glue).

Other Packaging Automation:

Increase fulfillment speed and decrease labor costs with the PACjacket™ automated packaging system, available with Siemens and Allen Bradley PLC user interface options. The PACjacket™ seals your product in a light-weight ultra-protective bubble mailer made from a durable, moisture resistant, multi-layer blend of recyclable co-extruded polyethylene film. This is the ultimate automated system for high volume e-commerce applications. On average the PACjacket™ machine produces 15–20 bags per minute with quality, precision and speed.

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